Anti-Ragging Squad

In pursuance of Memo No. 1354-TET dated 16.06.2015 of Director of Technical Education & Training, the following Anti Ragging Squad on Prevention & Prohibition of Ragging are constituted for Ghatal Govt. Polytechnic during the session 2019-2020

Anti Ragging Squad:

  1. Somnath Manna, Lect. in Mechanical Engineering (Squad Leader to visit every places of campus with his team members frequently, keep record of squad visit and report to Coordinator and chairman of Academic Council about any incident )
  2. Soumik Mondal, Lect. in Humanities (Squad Menber)
  3. Pabitra Kumar Bhunia, Lect. Mechanical Engineering(Squad Menber)
  4. Animesh Mondal, Lect. Electrical Engineering(Squad Menber)
  5. Arijit Mondal, W/S Instructor E.E. (Squad Menber)
  6. Santanu Jana, W/S Instructor C.E. (Squad Menber)
  7. Soham Das, W/S Instructor M.E., Welding(Squad Menber)
  8. Kartik Maity, W/S Instructor ME, Machine Shop(Squad Menber)
  9. Biswanath Samanta, Security(Squad Menber)